28 June 2015


Easy Pass Designer

Using our true WYSIWYG pass designer a Passbook passes can be created without complication. This means passes can be generated easily, quickly and in accordance to the design intended. Businesses can benefit right away without needing to wait for longer time.

Unlimited Pass Updates

Update passes as many times as needed and send as many push notifications and offers as required. No limitation by prices or time.

Validation and Redemption Service

Beside using our built in validation service, validation and redemption can be done using the free Pass Verifier or PassCodr apps. No need to buy expensive scanning hardware to validate, redeem or change field of passes.

Pass Preview

Before adding the passes to mobile phone’s Passbook or Passwallet, a preview is displayed together with options to print or share the passes. If the user is not using a suported mobile phone, he/she can use the pass preview to benefit from the offer right away.

QR and Shortlinks for Distribution

Each pass generated has its own unique QR and shortlink. Business owner can send these QR and shortlink to users for them to get his/her unique passes.

Powerfull Analytics

Our analytics will give insights on how the passes are used. There are details on passes generated, distributed, redeemed, etc.