28 June 2015


Deliver through existing channels

It is easy to distribute passes to customers. Send links through email, SMS, or social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, or even through chat messages. Use “Add to Passbook” or “Save to Google” buttons in mobile app or website. Use QR and links on printed media along with your other contents. In addition to having customers to download your passes, you give them reasons to stay connected with you on those channels.

Location Based Alerts

Embedded GPS and iBeacon functionality give notifications when customers are near your location. This benefit both your business and your customers. You can plan your delivery of information, and customers can receive them exactly when and where they need them.

Real-time push updates

Once the campaign program is up and running, and passes have been added by the customers into their devices, directly communicate to customers & let them know of new deals, promotions, and specials by sending push updates to their home screens. Update your customers about changing member point balances, gate numbers and event times so they have immediate access to the new information.

Digital wallet

Because it doesn’t take up much storage, customers will keep the pass all the time to receive new coupons, offers, and programs. The ability to mass-update passes and cards allows to create “permanent” wallet items that stay up to date and frequently refreshed, indefinitely.