30 January 2015

Digital Passcard

Since iOS 6, Apple included a new feature called Passbook. Store and event owners can use the passbook to engage with their visitors and customers.

Using Digital Passcards, businesses can use and distribute passes as loyalty program to engage customers. The passes can also be used to invite new customers and send updates.

Users open the passes in a common passbook manager app like Apple’s Passbook and Google’s Passwallet or other third-party apps. Users can use passes to compliment a transaction, for example to get discount during payment, submitting tickets when entering an event, or get a stamp for a purchase, etc.

Many people are still seeing digital passes only as a way of digitizing conventional paper coupons. Actually, we believe that digital passes can be used further to build communication with customers, especially with the capability to update content in real-time. By using passes as a mean of communication, businesses can use it for mobile-to-physical brand awareness tool.

Mobile apps are great for rich content experience. But majority of shoppers are not aware of such apps and won’t download the apps. If this happens, the objective of having mobile-enabled shopping doesn’t really come into reality.

This is where digital passes come in handy. Passes are “content” instead of full-weight mobile apps, so they are simpler, more lightweight, and a snap to distribute because they don’t take up memory on the phone and take only a few seconds to download. And with the link to download the mobile app on the back side of the pass, it is a perfect way to introduce and distribute the apps. For those users who simply don’t want to have too many apps cluter their phones, passes can still give them benefit of receiving offers and updates.

Combine passes with a bluetooth beacon to have on-site pass distribution and updates. Perfect to entice visitors to enter your place.

Take a look at any of our passes and discuss with us to see what they can do for your business:

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