28 June 2015


Cross Platform

The solution using Bluetooth Low Energy beacons is cross-platform and enables navigation on iOS and Android devices.


Proximity allows you to provide location-based content to be delivered to users.


Fingerprinting technology records unique radio signals data in a building to deliver most accurate real-time positioning.

Offline Maps and Localization

The mobile device doesn’t need to actively connect to internet all the time. The maps and localization data can be embedded in the app. Updates, if any, will be downloaded when the device is having internet connection.

Battery Saving

Bluetooth Low Energy uses very low battery power. And using unique battery-saving algorithms, it is possible to determine the position, depending on the use case, while still having optimize the battery life.

Variety of Maps

Any jpeg/png file can be used to create a map. 2D, 3D, vector and augmented reality maps can be used for displaying the position.


The indoor navigation enables path routing on multiple floors from Point A to Point B.


The analysis back-end collects real-time positioning and navigation data to provide information on customer traffic patterns, heat maps of customers density, frequency and duration of visits, etc. You can use these data for measuring visitor behaviour pattern, performance and detecting inefficiencies in staffing, queue management, incident localization, etc.


Mark areas on a map as triggers for notifications to visitors when they enter/leave these zones (e.g. for custom location-based ads).

Seamless Floor/Building transition

The app automatically detects entering/leaving a building or changing a floor and switches to the respective map.