28 June 2015

Use Cases


Retails can use Dynamic Directory to enlist store locations on the map. This way, people using our mobile app can find your store, and receive notification if they are near the location. Retail store can also utilize the promotion and product catalog feature of the solution. Combined with a beacon and proximity lock feature, the offer will entice people to visit your store to unlock the promo on-site.


Help your visitors by giving them a mobile directory that dynamically rearranged as they come near a store inside your mall. The closest stores will always move to top place, hence it is easy to attract attentions.

At the same time, this will help your tenants being notified by the passer-by. Small tenants will have the same advantage as big tenants as it will announce its presence to the people walking near the stores.


Like the shopping malls, events can benefit from using dynamic directory to enlist the tenants or exhibitors. Visitors wandering around the venue will always get updates on what booth or stage is around him/her. Use product cards to highlight displayed products (or in case of multi-stages event, description of performers) with photos to give added value to your event.

Add gamification to your event, rewards poins and offer promotions to visitors to enhance visitor experience even further.


Museums, zoo, and theme park can use dynamic directory to add mobile description to the exhibits. In this places, people will most likely walk in random path. When something attract their attention, the description is ready on their mobile. The exhibit closest will be positioned at the top of the list. Easy for visitors to find and click.


One creative use of dynamic directory is for property marketing. Place some beacons in each room or interest points in a show house, and let the house explain itself to the visitor. Add photos of different furnishings, colors, or just simple view of different angle of the room to enhance the experience.

Do you have other creative use of our solutions that you want to discuss with us? Contact us.