28 June 2015



It’s easy to trigger different forms of proximity enabled engagement. So the mobile app can react as someone arrives, stands in front of a product, or moves from one area to another. The location and zones will change order based on proximity of visitor to the places.


Trigger a greeting as a customer crosses the threshold, display stunning product information for products nearby or behind glass, unlock offers or rewards in-store, and collect actionable analytics in the process.


The mobile apps detect beacons nearby, and then use the information about these beacons to react in different ways.

Call for Action

With the Proximity Lock of an offer, user is required to visit the store/event to unlock the coupons. This will further engage and increase chances of conversion.

Easy & powerful

Venue owners can delight in control over their Locations, Offers, Product Cards, Analytics and more. Flexibility to arrange directory and campaign!