30 January 2015

Dynamic Directory

A well executed engagement strategy will raise the opportunities to convert visitors into customers.

Dynamic Directory is a new way for venue owners or managers to engage with their visitors. Triggered by placements of Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons, the directory will recognize when someone with a smartphone (with our iOS or Android app installed) steps in to the venue. It will trigger greetings on arrival and give point rewards just for “being here”.

The directory will be automatically rearranged so the nearby places will always be on top. Making it easy for visitors to look and take action. When using it as product catalog, the display will attract visitor’s eyes onto the closest product he/she is standing by. Offer promotions to the product that can only be unlock when he/she is nearby.

Dynamic Directory consists of:

  • Places:
    • Locations
    • Shopzones
    • Map
  • Catalog:
    • Products
    • Promotions
  • Campaign:
    • Welcome Notification
    • Offers/Coupons
    • Point Rewards
    • On-Site Redeem

Using Dynamic Directory means your visitors don’t have to walk according to a set route. They can go anywhere with any route in the vicinity. The directory will follow along and adjust itself.
Using the format of directory compares to “content pop-up” gives benefit in displaying all locations, zones, products, and promos at the same time. Visitors can also find and see other entries not necessary close to him/her.

Even if you are not doing any campaign, the catalog itself will give different experience to your visitors in exploring your places or events.