28 June 2015

Use Case


Bluetooth beacons can be used to identify if someone (actually his/her smartphone) is in range of that beacon. The range can be defined from 60-70 meters down to a few centimeters. With specific configuration and placement, several beacons can quite accurately know someone’s position. This is used for indoor navigation (because GPS really doesn’t work indoor). A beacon with far range and placed in a store can notify customers around the store and invite them to stop by. If one beacon is placed near a product, you can tell when a customer is near that product. Further analysis can reveal the places customers visit more, meaning what products is visited more.


Welcome your customers, or even just a visitor, when they arrive at your place. Make them feels special with personal greeting. A simple welcome could mean conversion from visitor to purchasing customer. Attach an offer with that welcome and increase the chance of a visitor to really buy. And don’t forget to send farewell (or thank you) message when they leave. Start the conversation when customer arrive at your door, and continue even after they leave.


Proximity marketing is something beacon is good for. Notification can be sent to anyone nearby, send them ads and information about that point of interest (a store, an event, a product, virtually anything…). A store can send discount coupon or other interesting offers.


Use beacon to strengthen your in-store customer care. Place beacon in aisle or shelf and let it trigger product details in the customer smartphone who is nearby. Complement this with data of who the customer is and which product he/she currently interested in. Then you can have a personal customer care experience for your customer.


Sending welcome message, offer discount, and displaying details of product are just the beginning. Engage your customer. Make them loyal to your business. Do this when they are away from your place, or do it locally when they are in-site.


With Bluetooth Smart beacons, any place or point-of-interest can deliver information directly and automatically into someone’s smartphone when he/she is around that place. From a building along the road to a bus shelter to an interesting object in a museum or a product in a store. This information can be retrieved from the internet, or is embedded into a mobile app so user don’t need internet to get the information.

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