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Our vision is to enable location-related visibility to places. We put identity to places so they can be recognized not only by blind coordinates but also by the content attached to them so locations can have context. They can also produce data for analytics. Places are now "visible". Visibility involves physical (micro-location) and insight (data analytics). Location is proximity, positioning and navigation. While Insight gives accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing. The result is a powerful business value created by actionable, data-driven findings derived from the location activities.
Visibility for places: location and insight

Until recently, the common viable solutions for location-based are using GPS and mobile network. But GPS can only be reliable outdoor, while mobile network has never really got its traction in retail level.

Indoor has its potential in engaging customers because that's where they are.
With the development of bluetooth beacons, indoor location-based engagement is no longer an unviable task.
Give the turn-by-turn navigation to customers. Use location-triggered push notifications to highlight products and services that offer compelling value to the customers.
Create new digital experience for customers when visiting physical places.
By giving these new experience, you can capture data on customer behaviour and gain insights to improve content strategies, staffing levels, venue layouts and other strategic parameters.

  • Smartphone

    50% of people are having smartphone

  • Activities

    80-90% people activities are indoor

  • Mobile Traffic

    70-80% of mobile traffic are generated indoor

  • Transaction

    80% of transactions are done indoor

  • Mobile Shopping

    70-80% of people use their devices for shopping research


From the vision to come up with a complete solution, we conclude a pattern of visit. This pattern starts when visitors are still outside of the place, and continue even after they leave the place. Each phase can be shorter or longer. And sometimes two or three phases are done at the same time. Using this "Visit Cycle", businesses can communicate with their audiences more effectively. Turning audiences into visitors, visitors into customers, and finally become loyal customers. We define the lifecycle of visit to a place as below.
For each phase in the cycle, one or a combination of solutions is applied. We have the complete solutions for the whole visit-cycle.


So you have a store? Manage a shopping mall? Organize events? Run a theme park? Or anything to do with locations and places, we have the solutions to give the personal in-venue experience to your visitors.

Go to Dynamic Directory

Dynamic Directory

Dynamic Directory is a on-the-move catalog with engagement features. Visitors will be presented with greetings, rewards, and relevant offers when they are in-site. Along the venue, the directory will dynamically rearrange itself, so the nearest places will always be on top. Easy to find.

Go to Indoor Navigation

Indoor Navigation

Indoor Navigation is the solution for in-venue turn-by-turn navigation. It features multi-floor navigation, places of interests, and wayfinding. The map will actively follow the movement of the user, just like a GPS map. On top of the maps, data can be displayed to give information about certain spots or even as virtual ad banner.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing is the solution to directly communicate with customers when they are entering, within, or leaving a certain area. Proximity marketing can be used for distribution of media at concerts, information, gaming and social applications, retail check-ins, payment gateways, and local advertising.

Go to Digital Passcard

Digital Passcard

Digital Passcard is the solution for mobile wallet and customer engagement. It is a simple solution to engage with customers without the need of a custom app. Use it to keep your audience informed of new offers, maintain loyalty, get new customers, or just to promote your mobile app.

Go to Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a modern signage solution that plays important role for the experience of your visitors. Information, advertising, and wayfinding can be implemented flexibly to suit your venue needs. And when deployed together with our mobile based solutions, it gives even more integrated experience to visitors.

Go to Bluetooth Beacon

Bluetooth Beacon

We place the beacon as infrastructure for our solutions. But if you are in need of Bluetooth Beacons, especially for a short period, like a 3-days bazaar or a week promo, you do not need to buy them. Rent from us. Whether you use our solutions or your own, you can avoid spending a lot of money investing in beacons and avoid the hassle of maintaining them.

It’s not loyalty in the traditional sense. It's not about transactions. It’s about experiences.

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Use Cases

We utilize the Bluetooth Smart beacons to provide a microlocation-based solutions. The solutions we have can be implemented for various locations and occasions. Permanent or temporary placement can be done because usually it doesn't take long to deploy (of course, a custom solution will take more time). If you don't find your need here, let's discuss how to bring your creative ideas into reality.

Deliver product information, coupons, and promotional content to users to increase sales and store visits


Know when a member is walking towards your place and personally greet him at the door. Provide location directory and map


Provide directional guides to help passengers find their gate, locate their seats, and deliver travel information


A multi stages/booth events can use directory and navigation to actively guide visitors through the venue


Gamify the experience and organize a scavenger hunt that uses beacons to help players find the next location


Knowing patient profile just by passing the rooms. Locate medical resources. Monitor patients from wandering around.


Guide people to their seats, provide location details for the nearest food stand


Guide users through exhibits in a museum, use location based services to teach concepts, provide additional information on artwork


Know how much time a customer spends in your place, what their usual order is, how their traffic pattern is, and reward loyal customers

Theme Park

Help visitors navigate from one attraction to the next, and provide navigation details for food halls, restrooms, and attractions


Manage the arriving and departure of fleet and give notification to passengers; identify, track, and read vehicle data on field


A beacon placed in the corridor outside of the elevator can tell and guide visitors of the company on that floor

We also do custom development to meet your requirement

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